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The ShowRunner’s Football

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The ShowRunner's Football is a Pre-Order and will ship before 10.29.2021

The Showrunner's Football

a Production Roadmap for your production. 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with production? Have you ever wondered if you have everything you need to start? Do you have a plan for distribution and marketing before you start production? I know how hard it is to have to think about everything.  I designed a book that will not only help you produce with confidence but will make sure you have all the necessary forms that are required to license your content without any extra hassle.

The ShowRunner's Football was created by Michelle A. Daniel with the independent producer in mind.

400+ pages and paperwork to get you through your production. 


The ShowRunner's Football is a roadmap that allows you to have your entire production in one place, along with a database of free forms to download that is specific to your project. The Football is good for one production and the best part about it is, it's a keepsake for when you make it to Hollywood to reflect back on your projects that got you there. The breakdown of the book is below:


Introduction: How to use The ShowRunner's Football and the goal for your project. 

Development:  Finalize your scrip, key cast, legal team, creatives, and much more. 

Marketing: Checklist of your BTS Video, pictures, drops, contracts, festivals, and much more.

Pre - Production: Shooting script, storyboard, production crew contacts list, call sheets, production schedules, wardrobes, set dressings, props, graphics, stunts, and much more. 

Production: Daily production forms, crafty, catering, cast, and more. 

Post Production: Foley, editing, visual effects, ADR & much more. 

It's A Wrap: You've wrapped production, so what are your next steps?

Distribution: A strategic roadmap on how to distribute your film?

Marketing: A strategic roadmap to guide you through the marketing phase to get your film in rotation.

The ShowRunner's Football also comes with a database of free downloads for your production.

The ShowRunner's Football is a Pre-Order and will ship before 10.29.2021